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Photo by Richard Hurd


Little John's Restaurant, Inc

  • Non-Profit Organizations
411 Prairie Heights Drive
Verona, WI 53593
(608) 204-0923
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    Food Excess:
    About 80 million tons, or 35%, of all food produced in America is wasted. Food waste happens at every phase, from the farm to the house.

    As grocery store consumers we expect perfect produce, fully stocked shelves, and distant expiration dates. To fulfill these expectations, farmers and producers sort out imperfect food and grocers purchase excess product. Wasted food is the single largest component of municipal landfills.

    Little John’s partners with farmers, producers, suppliers, and grocery stores, taking nutritious ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away and transforms them into nutritious, delicious meals.

    Food Access:
    38 million Americans live in food insecure homes. Hunger is caused by the complicated issues related to the disadvantages surrounding poverty.

    For people who are struggling, especially folks with children, accepting help from food pantries can feel shameful. For those experiencing homelessness, lack of food preparation or storage space, lack of transportation, and scheduling conflicts, can create a situation where healthy food options are not feasible.

    Our hope is to eliminate shame around food access, creating a consumer experience that is the same for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status.

    Serving our Nation:
    Little John’s aims to hire veterans for a paid, six-month, training contract. Once graduated from our program, Little John’s assists veterans in finding long-term positions in the food service industry or connecting them with resources to continue on in a degreed culinary program for further training.